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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy

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Jen Street

fit n fun has been a lifelong work of love for me. I have been so fortunate to combine my joy for children with my passion for health and fitness.

After graduating from Ankeny High School, I pursued my degrees in Sports Administration, Human Biology and Athletic Training at Simpson College where I also ran track and cross country. After a few injuries and limitations, I realized that I was passionate about both helping others pursue their fitness goals and helping injured athletes get back to play. Athletic training gave me a way to blend my love of science and sports. I then went to the University of Iowa to work with the Women's Basketball Team as a Graduate Athletic Trainer and pursue my Master's Degree in Exercise Science with an Athletic Training emphasis.


My Approach

The summer between undergraduate and graduate school, I worked at a local childcare center during the day while athletic training at night. I had so much fun at the childcare center and those memories continued to pull at my heartstrings while I finished school. I saw and need for young who love to learn through motor movements and interactions, thus fit n fun was created in April of 1997 with classes offered in local childcare centers throughout Central Iowa! I combined the concepts I learned from athletics while fostering the growth of young children.

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fit n fun "STRONG"

As fit n fun has grown, my strong education and experience help me lead by example, demonstrating the positivity, hardwork and commitment it takes to succeed on the track of life. "STRONG" is seen in a variety of ways. I know its not all my work but I hope to help plant a little seed in each child's life through fit n fun.

I have spent the last 24 years feeling so blessed to share the amazing, simple energy that preschool children have. I've continued to improve the program over that time in order to foster a supportive and exciting way to help your children improve motor skills, learn fun ways to stay active and begin their journey towards lifelong healthy living. I look forward to working with your child by planting seeds of healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

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