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Grow your healthy "strong"!


What is fit n fun?

fit n fun is a fitness sports program developed for your child. In a fun environment, they spend 30 minutes, once a week, learning about fitness, health awareness and sports activities like basketball, jump rope, and soccer. Exercises vary from week to week to emphasis

and explore exciting new motor skills.

Have your child join us as we continue to grow our healthy "strong" and build positive self-esteem in a non-competitive environment.

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Jen Street

fit n fun has been a lifelong work of love for me. I have been so fortunate to combine my joy for children with my passion for health and fitness.



How do I get my child started?

Classes are offered at the same time each week at your child's care center. Currently, due to COVID-19 safety standards, classes are held through Zoom to continue positive emotional connections with the students while keeping their health and safety in mind.


Hear what other clients are saying


Mallory J.

"fit n fun is the highlight of our son’s week! He frequently asks if it is fit n fun day, and is always excited to tell us about the activities he did when he gets home! Jen does a fabulous job teaching the kids a variety of exercises, movements, and sport skills. Jen also builds such great relationships with kids and their families. We look forward to hearing about the fun activities in fit n fun each week!"

Lindsay G.

"hayley just loves 'Jen!'...the whole car ride home on thursdays is dedicated to a replay of fit n fun. i smile and hang onto every intense word she shares. i remember the same type of reaction from my oldest after her days with jen. she brings the fun while empowering them to move and feel strong."

Allison G.

"Jen has been bringing excitement and adventure to our kiddos at Clubhouse Learning Center once a week since 2007. fit n fun provides an array of activities including obstacles, games, relays, dancing, hand eye coordination, etc. fit n fun is great year round but especially in those colder months we cannot get outside... Jen makes sure to get all the wiggles out! Her dedication & passion are evident. We appreciate her flexibility, kindness and creative approach to interacting with our kids and staff. We love Jen!"

Lawrence W.

"I have known Ms. Jen for as long as I have worked at The TreeHouse GLC. I started out way back in 2014. I believe it is extremely important to get children's bodies up and moving. fit n fun is a program that provides that option. From yoga to hula hooping, basketball and even obstacle courses. fit n fun is a safe, fun environment where the children thrive. The TreeHouse family loves fit n fun and we love Ms. Jen even more!"

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